NodeMCUV3 Port Help

Hello together,

hoping someone can help me. I am using an NodeMCUv3 for a small Project, and know i havent enough ports or i am to dumb to use them wisely.

Things i will connect:
SD-Card-Reader via SPI
3 12V RGB-LED-Stripes via PWM
1 Standard LED
1 Piezo-Speaker

I have managed it to connect the TFT, SD-Card-Reader and 1 Color of the RGB-Stripe, so now i need to add one Standard LED, the Piezo-Speaker and the other 2 colors of the LED.

I tried to put it together with Fritzing. Can someone help me how i can get all the components together? Maybe use some Ports better? I also have a MCP23017 port expander board... Sorry i have learned that by myself and a lot of knowledge gaps..

Thank you very much and stay save!

Be Aware: Cause i didnt find all the correct models, the tft, RGB etc. are placeholders.