Noise from motorshield

Hello, I am just played with an ADAfruit motorshield. Everything goes ok but I hear a load noise when the motor starts to turn. I understand that I can filter the noise with a 100 uF capacitor. But current trough the motor goes two directions. How to solve this ?

Thanks in advance

Can you give us more details? Does the noise come from the motor or the electronics? What is the current you are trying to supply to the motors? Is it a DC or a stepper? etc. etc.

-- The Quick Shield: breakout all 28 pins to quick-connect terminals

If you are hearing the noise that a capacitor might fix, then you are a special person!

Motor makes noise after being actif. It look lijke the PWM frequentie but sounds like 1500 Hz or something like that. Current is about 0,2 Amp and two directions. I understand other people has the same expirience but what is a good sollution ?

Thanks for your help André