Nokia 5110 & 124x64 OLED Display

Hi All,


Ok, so i have been trying to teach myself how to code and work with my esp8266 with a DHT22 Sensor and luckily got it to work.

Now looking into my code, i want to add either a nokia 5110 display or a OLED display (i have both)

Who has some good resources that i can read to learn how to do this myself by adding it to my current code.

Project (blynk enabled esp8266 that controls a misting system in a reptile enclosure which is triggered by the humidity value), i want to also display current temp and humidity on a screen mounted on the cages.

thanks in advance!

It depends which ESP8266 board you have. I use the NodeMCU boards and they drive the SPI OLED boards nicely using the Adafruit_SSD1306 and Adafruit_GFX libraries.

If you have the small 8 pin board and an I2C OLED then there is a tutorial here.

Nodemcu is what I have as well. Any tutorials on how to get the screen to show humidity and temperature you recommend?

No, but there are a few on the web like this one that looks like a good starting point if you have an SPI (rather than I2C) OLED. I am sure there will be others.