nokia 5110 dim screen problems

i have been playing around with the nokia 5110 screens and the arduino
i wired them up according to this Graphic LCD Hookup Guide -
(the schematic titled direct connect)
i added the code i found here: Arduino Playground - PCD8544
it does display something but its very dim and difficult to see
does anybody have any idea why it is so difficult to see???

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

try Adafruits lib. there is a command to change contrast.
(its same/similar)

The controls are here in your code

  LcdWrite(LCD_C, 0x21 );  // LCD Extended Commands.
  LcdWrite(LCD_C, 0xB1 );  // Set LCD Vop (Contrast). 
  LcdWrite(LCD_C, 0x04 );  // Set Temp coefficent. //0x04
  LcdWrite(LCD_C, 0x14 );  // LCD bias mode 1:48. //0x13
  LcdWrite(LCD_C, 0x0C );  // LCD in normal mode.
  LcdWrite(LCD_C, 0x20 );
  LcdWrite(LCD_C, 0x0C );

some background is here Technical Home - BTEC Electronics

A library is a better way to go

The controls are in the library

thanks for the advice! i will try a library