Nokia 5110 display without any libraries


I started using a Nokia 5110 display for the first time a few days ago and I have some questions.

Is there a list of commands that are used with this display without using a library? Like LcdWrite or LcdString or LcdWrite(0, 0x0D); and so on. Sometimes I find myself knowing the steps when I try to do something but not knowing the commands.

I used this page and it was very useful. Arduino Playground - PCD8544

One problem I had is with inverting text. I don't know how to invert a single line of text. When I use LcdWrite(0, 0x0D); it inverts the entire display, not just the text I want to be inverted.

I used the Adafruit library and I managed to make things work just like I want them to work. Now I am trying to make them work without a library.

Another question I have is about text size. On the Adafruit library I can get 14 characters (6 pixels per character) on a column. With the playground example I can only get 12 (7 pixels per character). Is there a way to get 14 characters on the playground example?

Any help would be appreciated.

The display is a simple 84x48 pixel array. The PCD8544 controller allows basic functions like turning on/off pixels. Neither the display nor controller contain built-in “character sets”. You need to build your own character set and embed them into your code for each size you desire. Study the code more closely.

This YouTube and video will guide you through producing an image on the Nokia display.
I used this when I started and I managed to modify the code so I may use different pins on the arduino.