Nokia 5110 LCD backlight and display not working!


An arduino newbie here. I have a nokia 5110 graphic LCD. I tried connecting the 3.3 V power supply from arduino(3V3 pin) to the VCC of the LCD; 5V of arduino to LIGHT of the LCD; and Ground to the GROUND of LCD. Yet, the backlight doesn't seem to light up.( yes, there is 5v btw LIGHT and GND; and 3.3 v btw VCC and GND of the LCD) :cold_sweat: Is there anything wrong with my connection or is the LCD not working properly. If it's a problem with my connection, kindly help me get started with graphic LCDs.. :roll_eyes:


The 5110 comes in different packages and you could have the same as me. Try grounding the LED pin rather than leaning 5v against it.


Thanx soo much! phew! the backlight's finally working! :) Hey, is there any source to learn about using Graphic LCDs with arduino? just to get started for beginners..

Thank you so much again!

Best to trawl Google

Here is a good link for the 5110

I have found the 5110 a bit of a disappointment with graphics but I find them excellent for text.

Thanks a lot Nick for all ur help.. :) It's gonna take me ages to learn all these.. But it's fun :P

I try not to bump dead threads, but... Nick_Pyner, you're my bloody hero!

I bought the Nokia 5110 LCD module off of eBay, and fiddled with it for ages (ok, 20 minutes) before figuring it was either dead, or I was doing something wrong. Connecting the LED pin to GND rather than +V solved all of my problems.

And to think, I was just going to chuck it and waste $1.50 on another.

Glad to hear you fixed it. Since you have re-opened this thread, I would like to point out that I now think the Ian Lange site is not as great as I implied. It is useful to know that the 5110 can operate on the SPI bus, but I no longer actually do that. Also be aware of the Philips PCD8544 library for text, and the Henning Karlsen library for graphics.

Hi Nick_Pyner,

Thank you for the hint about the backlight of the Nokia 5110. Grounding the pin turned on the backlight. Great help.