Nokia 5110 LCD not working/having issues


I am having some issues with my Nokia 5110 LCD I got on the mail today. The backlight is working fine and I have [u]only[/u] plugged it into 3.3V. Although I cannot get anything to show on the screen. At first I thought it was a contrast issue as some other threads about this stated but it apparently was not. I have tried with two libraries so far and none of them work. Does anyone have any code that does work and you know it does work? Just so I could try it, otherwise I will tell my seller. Thanks


You have to wire it up properly. Perhaps you have not done that. Some libraries require you to wire it up the way that they expect.

You might try

No library needed.


I have not tried this method so I though I would try to use it. Here’s the drill: I plugged everything in correctly and it displayed some scrolling text for like 500 milliseconds, then everything just became as it was before?


That seems strange. Clearly, the code is OK. It seems to be a problem with connections or perhaps power supply. Note that these devices are cheapo surplus items, and might be suss, but I have several and never had a problem.

On my limited experience wiring and contrast are important.
Wiring must be optimal and you have tosearch the best contrast value for your module.

I think "optimal" is a bad choice of words. It must be correct or it won't work at all.

I think you can encounter a problem if the wiring order is in the library, which may then require editing same. With the Henning Karlsen library the pin call is in the code just like a 16x2 and not a problem.

I get the impression that the contrast rather depends more on what is being displayed than the module. Thick digits and graphic stuff seem to be more trouble than they are worth. In the Stuart Lewis programme, the contrast control is on line 154, but I did not need to touch it. This may have to do with the display being called upon to do what it does best 12x6 characters, although this does not account for the chunky text on my 5110 phone. The PCD8544 library also does 12x6 text and I have never had to adjust the contrast. I assume there is a similar line in there for that and the same command will be found on other "no-library" examples.

I think the Henning Karlsen library would be the best way to go, but I don't know what arrangement he makes for contrast, as I have never used it.