Nokia 5110 LCD - possible broken [SOLVED]

Hi Guys

I bought nokia lcd from this page

and I have tried to use code from this page,
I connected it correctly, and no respond from LCD. I change power pin from 3.3V and 5V. No reponse :frowning:
I wonder if this LCD is broken. Please help me investigate to check if LCD is broken. I can send it back, but need to be sure.
Please see attachment to see my LCD.

Hi.. I have had the same problem.. here is what i found out.. The contrast value vary a lot on all my 15 displays you need to play with the value in this line

LcdWrite(LCD_C, 0xB1 ); // Set LCD Vop (Contrast).

it is realy a nice display when you get the value right good luck from Claus

I agree with OZ1LQB. The displays are sensitive to the contrast value. On mine, the number is around 50. 10 on either side of 50 will make the display nearly unreadable. I might also suggest the Adafruit libraries for the 5110 display. They are the ones that i used and they worked without much fiddling.

Hi Guys

Thank you for help. My problem was little bit different. I did not connect through resistors. After I connect :

RST ---> 8,2K CE ---> 8,2K DC ---> 8,2K Din ---> 8,2K Clk ---> 8,2K


BL ---> 82Ohm

my screen start working :)

Thank you very much for help.

I think I will buy more :slight_smile:

cry5t41: My problem was little bit different. I did not connect through resistors. After I connect : my screen start working

That's good, but I think your problem was more likely just a bad connection. I don't use any resistors.

Hi Nick_Pyner you have right. I’ve tried to connect without resistors and all working fine :slight_smile:

Looks like I had problem with all wires :smiley:

You should use a resistor for the backlight, 820 is fine. If the backlight is blue, you might find it just as readable with it disconnected.

I'm having a similar problem. I have tried adjusting the contrast in the VOP line (I think that's what I was doing) but nothing. I have tried a few different example codes, adjusting the pins as appropriate but nothing I do will get anything on the display. All I can make it do is turn the backlight on.

I'm really new to this so apologies for big rookie errors.



There is no such thing as big rookie errors when it comes to the 5110. One of the problems making it hard to get off the ground is that they are not all the same. I had to edit the PCD 8544 library to get mine to go, and I would not wish that on anybody. Although I have not used it myself, you might be better off using the Henning Karlsen library, if you aren't already. The value of that is you call the pins in the sketch, just like a 16x2.

I first got good results from Stuart Lewis. No library is used.