Nokia 5110 pcd8544_setxaddr and setyaddr ili9341

hi guys quick run down...... I'm updating an ili9341 library for use with a gaming library and part of includes an update screen function like this.

void TFT_ILI93XX::update(void) {
    uint8_t col, maxcol, p;

    for (p = 0; p < 6; p++) {

        command(PCD8544_SETYADDR | p);

        // start at the beginning of the row
        col = 0;
        maxcol = TFT_ILI93XX_TFTWIDTH - 1;

        command(PCD8544_SETXADDR | col);

        digitalWrite(_dc, HIGH);
        if (_cs > 0)
            digitalWrite(_cs, LOW);
        for (; col <= maxcol; col++) {
            SPI.transfer(_displayBuffer[(TFT_ILI93XX_TFTWIDTH * p) + col]);

        if (_cs > 0)
            digitalWrite(_cs, HIGH);


    command(PCD8544_SETYADDR); // no idea why this is necessary but it is to finish the last byte?

Now the problem arises from the pcd commands utilized by the Nokia 84x48 screen. It also lists these addresses as.......

#define PCD8544_SETYADDR 0x40  
#define PCD8544_SETXADDR 0x80
#define PCD8544_SETXADDR 0x80

now it looks like its setting the reset addresses on the screen as....... now of course I need the update command but I don't know what to do about fixing it or replacing it. I'm working with an spi ili9341 tft.