Nokia 5110 problem writing variable to screen

Second part. display.println(opera);

Now this is the solution! Thanks bro.

Fixing the remainder of the code is up to you.

Why bother putting the text in a variable if it is never going to change ?


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Go figure.

It may even work for constants.
A nice trap door waiting to open.

I did this code before!
But the text should change every time I insert a different SIM (For example, when we insert your T-Mobile, the operator's name will be written, the same for Turk Telekom.)

So, use a string.
An int never was going to be right.

At a pinch, you could even try a String.

I will do an arduino project. In this project, I connected the powerbank. my request is this: I want to print the charge percentage of the powerbank that I have connected, or how many volts it is left on my nokia 5110 screen.
How can I do that? Please reply if you are an expert on this subject.


  • The powerbank is has 2500 mAh/3,7V.
  • The powerbank's name is "GoldMaster PB2500".

There’s no simple way of doing this unless the power bank has a power level indicator you can hook up to.

Powerbanks include some electronics on top of the batteries to provide you with a regulated voltage and suitable current through USB (usually capped). You could disassemble the power bank and measure the battery voltage directly at the source, but that's a hassle.

You could also consume the remaining power and seeing how long it lasts but I guess it defeats your use case...


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