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Hi. I've finally got the Nokia LCD i've ordered from Sparkfun: Then i followed the guide on Arduino Playground: and made the transistor voltage divider using - 4 BC547 - 4 470Ohm Resistors - 4 4.7K Resistors

Then i used the 3V3 pin on the Arduino to get the 3.3V, and then i connected everything as shown. Then i programmed the Arduino using the example code, and when it was programmed nothing happend! The LCD was only Purple and hummed very much (caused by the backlight StepUp converter)

I have tried to find the problem, but I can't! If i disconnect the LCD and the I/O lines from the Arduino, and then connect to test the voltage deviders, the output is 3.25-3.27V when I apply 5V - so no problem there!

Best Regards Thomas Jespersen

Have anyone worked with this board and display from Sparkfun? Have anyone worked with the sample code from Arduino Playground? Have anyone got it working (Board connected to Arduino as shown)?

the lcd draws around 324 milliamps at 3.3 volts. the 3.3v pin can only supply 50 milliamps, you might need some external voltage regulator to power it.

You think that could cause the problem? How much can the 5V then sink, because i have an LD33V (3V3 Voltage Converter)

Now i've tried with an LD33V and it still doesn't work :(

You'd still be at 214 milliamps right?

214 milliamps, 324 milliamps - now I'm confused! I don't know how much it draws, but I'm using an external power supply, an LD33V for the 3.3V, and the 5V on the Arduino for the Backlight.

I’ve only had a quick read and it’s hard to grasp from your words what you’ve done already so I may be wrong here; as you’re now using two separate power supplies (the external 3V3 and the Arduino’s 5V) in the same circuit have you connected both of their GND (0V) rails together?

Yes I have. You know, the 5V and ground from the Arduino is going into the LD33V, which then produces a 3.3V signal!

is it still purple and humming?

Purple/Blue, yes, it's the startup color. And it's still humming, as it's the backlight voltage converter!

Aren't there anybody on this forum who have connected the Nokia LCD Board from Sparkfun to the Arduino, and then got it showing something?

Help please!!

Please, if anyone have got it working, please tell me/us how!

I’ve got the Nokia 6610 LCD Display from and it works pretty well for me.
Same as

Even though my application uses a slightly different LCD Module, nevertheless I thought I give you this hint - it might get you a step further.
The Nokia 6610 (from works only with the ARDUINO IDE 0011.
More details about this project here at:

For my part, when going through the menu-pages ARDUINO resets itself. Probably an issue with variables - don’t know yet. Hints are highly appreciated.

Please let me know if this helped you to get a step further.

Rgds, Hans.

I can post my HEX file here and you can upload it to your arduino to see if its code or set up. Please note that I used the Phillips driver code using this pin setup:



define CS 2

define CLK 5

define SDA 3

define RESET 4

Hex File:

Based off of the work of Thomas Pfeifer at:

@Moe Howard 2000 Thanks, but the Sparkfun module is using the Epson driver!

Did you manage to get this going? I was considering getting one of these but not if you have had trouble.

Nope, I didn't get it working! I don't know if it's me who isn't connecting it properly (I've tried both the resistor and transistor method without luck), or if it's the display which isn't working :( I haven't tried the 74LC chip method though!

I got the same problem here, I've tried a few different external power supplies and still only get a blank screen. No humming for me though, lol.