Nokia 6230i TFT display pinout?

Hi all,

I'm going to develop a thermostat with Arduino and I'd like to use the display coming from my old Nokia 6230i to show any needed info. It's a color display 130x130 part number 4850339 (here a link just to show you the subject:
Now my problem is that I really cannot find any pinout, connection diagram or any info about the interface: I just know it has more than 20 pins. Is there any place where I could find a datasheet or at least understand if it uses a known interface to connect: google is not helping...

Thanks in advance for any info.

Hello, I'm also interested in using this screen in a project.

I have found, on gsmarena, that this screen may have 208 x 208 pixels, 1.5 inches, 27 x 27 mm (~196 ppi pixel density).