Nokia 6610 backlight problem

Hi all. I have interfaced my ATMEGA32 controller with Nokia 6610 LCD. The interface pinouts are as follows:

// Connections between ATMEGA32 and LCD.

define _RES PORTB.6 // /Reset

define SCK PORTB.7 // Serial Clk

define SDI PORTB.5 // Serial Data In

define _SCE PORTB.4 // /Chip Select

// Connection Direction between ATMEGA32 and LCD.

define SCK_DIR DDRB.7

define SDI_DIR DDRB.5

define _SCE_DIR DDRB.4

define _RES_DIR DDRB.6

and the LCD Init routine is

void InitLcd(void) 
        // Configured all pins as output      
        SCK_DIR  = 1;                                    
        SDI_DIR  = 1;      
        _SCE_DIR = 1;      
        _RES_DIR = 1;
// Hardware reset
      _SCE = 1;      
      _RES = 1;            //Reset the LCD.   
      _RES = 0;            //Reset the LCD.
      delay_ms(10);          //Wait 100ms.
      _RES = 1;            // Awake LCD from RESET state.
      delay_ms(10);         //Wait 10ms.
// Hardware reset

      _SCE = 1;
        SDI  = 1;
        SCK  = 1;

  // Sleep out  (command 0x11)
    // Sleep out  (command 0x11)

  // Inversion OFF  (command 0x21)

  // Color Interface Pixel Format  (command 0x3A)

 // Memory access controler  (command 0x36)
  WriteSpiData(0x48);        // 0xC0 = mirror x ,NO MIRROR y,reverse rgb

    // Write contrast  (command 0x25)
  WriteSpiData(0x3F);                  // contrast 0x30 DECMAL EQU 63

  delay_ms(100);        //Wait 100ms.


  // Display On  (command 0x29)

The VCC for the LCD is through Port pin and is divided to obtain3.3V.For the backlight i am externally providing 7V as mentioned. But still the backlight is not turning ON. I guess the backlight is not software controlled. Help me please.My controller is working on 1MHz.