Nokia DKU-5 connectivity problem

Hi all, few days ago i went through following post, about Nokia dku-5 connectivity with arduino, I bought the cable and everything works like charm thats i can receive and send data from my arduino but when i try to upload any program with this port (at which dku-5 is connected, CoM5 ) ,everything hangs up. there is no response at all. i have also double checked baudrate,parity , stop bits all those are same as COM1, which i currently use for uploading sketches to the chip. one more thing, since this cable provides no auto-reset hence i also press reset manually when sketch gets compiled. thing to note>> with multimeter when i checked vcc from the cable it read 3.3v,if the voltage level is problem then how i get smooth serial communication with same level? why, just ,uploading creates problem? Has anybody ever bothered with this? what am i missing in set up?