Non-contact electrodes for body fat measurements


I have a uni project am looking into making body fat/water measurements with non-contact electrodes but am unsure what to start with. Has anyone done a similar project who could give me a hand? Or knows what Arduino products would be suitable for such a project?

Thank you in advance!

Non contact measurment.
Tricky , only method i know is an mri scanner.

Ultrasound maybe but that needs skin contact.

Remote ir temp sensing may tell you something but i doubt you would get much useful information wrt water fat measurment.

The pods you see on spooks in real life can detect the presence of two people or an american but i do not know how they work.

I was thinking something like a capacitance-based system…

Capacitance is a skin effect, it would only measire surface potential not what is inside.

Ok thanks for your help!
Another question then... If I wanted to test out what is measurable via a capacitance coupled electrode/sensor what arduino kit would be best to work with? (I am very new to this obviously!)

For capacitive sensor you can use any Arduino and don't need any kit.
All you need is one resistor, a piece of wire and a metal object that is being touched.