Non electronic parts

I've been playing around with arduino for about a month now, going through the starter kit and the introduction book. I think I'm ready to build my own first project without explicit instructions. I'm looking to make an automated cat toy laser, similar to this project:

I feel comfortable with the coding and wiring of the electronics parts, but I am very unsure about how to handle finding the parts that will connect these together to make it work. I couldn't find the parts listed in the above project, and I'm pretty sure cardboard would be too flimsy to hold up the servos.

Specifically, I'm looking for help in finding durable parts that could support this project.

Generally, I'm curious about hearing what sort of parts people normally use for projects. I'd like to have a small inventory for when inspiration hits, so if anything like a kit or bundle of parts exists, I'm all ears. In general, I'm looking to use the arduino for music related art projects, but I've already got a small list of home related stuff it could be useful with, so really any and all ideas are appreciated.

I should also add that I might be using the wrong words for these things and this answer could be very apparent through forum searches, but I have yet to figure out what those words might be, so if this thread is either in the wrong place or just requires a quick adjustment in vocabulary, that would also be really helpful.

Thrift shops are a great source of dirt cheap, used but functional motorized and non-motorized toys, which almost always contain reusable parts. They are generally built to take a beating, too.

For specific robot parts, Servocity has just about everything. Good quality, but perhaps expensive.

Thanks! Servocity is definitely what I was looking for.