non-PC options for programming an arduino

I want to get into playing around with arduino, but I don't have a PC. I have an android tablet only. Of course I can't use that. I don't want or need a Windows or Apple PC. So what are my options?

I've been trying to decide between raspberry pi and pcduino. RP can install arduino IDE and pcduino already comes with it. Is there any difference?

I'm leaning towards the RP because there is so much more support for it, so many people are using one, and I've heard the pcduino has some issues with construction and parts falling off.

Any thoughts? Would another unit (Beagle, Galileo, etc...) be better? Anyone have experience using something other than Windows/Apple exclusively with their arduimo? Thanks in advance.

I would suggest a RaspberryPI or BeagleBone as they just use standard Linux.

I do all my stuff on a netbook running Xubuntu. I have mostly forgotten how to do Windows stuff.

I thought you could do Arduino programming with Android - but it may depend on the exact device you have. Do some Googling.


A quick google search yields