Non repetitive switch

Hi I am working on a project with these functions
operation pushbutton
no of push button 2
independent control to switch LED one switch one led only with time based 2msec~10mseconds
push to on and after precribed time off non repeative
both push buttion should have same functions.
critical one pushbutton should operate
can some one help me to creat circuit and sketch code for the same.

Help is possible.
What do you need help with?
Have you used all the examples that use switches and LEDs that come with the IDE?
What power supply/supplies are you using?

Simple enough circuit

Circuit options shown a bit differently:

We should discourage S1/R4. Have seen too many posts where that gets miswired and 5V gets shorted to Gnd.

I guess that could be deleted as an option.

Maybe have two version, one for new people one for GHOPs (grey haired old pi**ers).

It's perfectly valid, but nowhere as clean as just using S3 with INPUT_PULLUP.
Maybe reorder the top, with recommended, okay, and not recommended.

Better ?


Precisely how/ why does that happen?

Folks unclear on wiring, usually noobs.

and good morning.
What is the meaning of "Non repetitive switch"?
Push button operation?
Switch button opertion with radio button function?

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