non spi wireless transceiver


I'm after a non spi, cheap, reliable non spi transceiver similar to the rf12b and Nordic but not spi. It needs to support an arduino library.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Both are supported by Arduino Libraries now The RF12B by Jeelib (search) and Maniacbug RF24. Simple, easy and you don't need to do anything but connect the radios to controllers (I use bare 328's, it's easier) and load the sketches recommended by each there is also another library for the RFM12B as well as some code to use an ATtiny 85. I'm looking to put one wire code on a tiny 85 and read a DHT22 and transmit the data, go back to sleep and do it all over again 5 seconds later... Simple just 8 wires.


Thanks Doc for replying.

I was actually wondering whether anybody knew of any alternatives to the RFM12B and Nordic that don't use SPI but cost a similar amount and have Arduino libraries.


It would appear that you have done little for your self... So until you become willing to search for yourself... your results will be very similar to the answers you got before...
I actually know what your question was and the short answer is what I gave you and AFAIK that IS what's available.
This is another option and with the backplane which makes things a great deal easier fairly inexpensive. Not however as inexpensive as the RF24XX or the RFM12B (2/$3.00 and 5.95 Ea)
THe HC06 module is a slave module and the HC05 is the dual mode device it can me master or slave. These modules use 4800 to 115K baud asynchronous serial communication so unless you have a mega you can use SoftwareSerial and for the 10 to 15 meters of their range work quite well.