None of the examples are working on MEGA 2560


First of all when it comes to this I am a total noob, I have bought a elegoo Mega 2560 and I am trying different examples on the board wiring up as the layout shows and uploading the program. There appears to be no layout/schematics with the elegoo examples so I am using the web editor examples. The only problem is I don't have a clue what resistors to use as the colours are not the same?

I have tried the fade example in the basics examples and the button example with output to the serial port but so far I can't get anything to work.

The board is powered USB and with 9v adaptor and web editor states success when uploading. The one program I get a result from is the simple blink program, so I am guessing its wiring/resistors that is causing the problem.

What am I doing wrong