noob: about print...

Hi what are the parameters that can be used with print (like "\t" prints a tab)..? If I want at serial.print to print the new value over the last and not to new line how do I do it?

thank u

Serial.print sends data down a serial port. It is up to the receiving application to handle that data. What you are asking for is what escape sequences to send to make the receiving application do what you want, without telling us what the receiving application is.

I am just trying to learn to program arduino with no specific application on my mind…
I was reading about the syntax of the command print and I saw at the println command that if you use ‘’\t’’ prints a tab and a ‘’\n’’ a new line and I was wondering what other such parameters exist…

I tryie reading the status of a switch using the serial monitor and I was wondering how to print on the new value over the last instead of having a new line printed at each instant…

A recent thread discussed VT100 escape sequences

I was wondering how to print on the new value over the last

You need a [HOME] or [GOTOXY] escape sequence. what these codes depend 100% on the type of receiving device.

thank you for the replies

There are two questions here:

1) What sort of characters can you put in a C string using backslash constructions, like "\n" = newline. These are described here:

2) What sort of behavior do special characters cause on assorted displays. This is very device/display dependent. (even the behavior of \t for tab is very dependent on what device is interpreting that tab...)

Thank u westfw! exactly what I was looking for!