noob (arduino bt and switching)

sorry for a noob question…

i would like to know what do i need to have 24 or 48 (switch on/switch off) cables going from arduino? just switching. i have arduino BT.

is there some tutorial how to do it, and which other hardware do i need to acquire to do this?

thank you

Check the playground for the tutoroal on 595 shift registers. I think that is what you need.

thank you! i think thats exactly what woudl fix my prob.

so instead of leds i need to put relay switches?

It would be usual to drive a relay from the 595 using a transistor.

What is it you are hoping to switch? There may be better ways than using a relay.


well i want to just press stop/play/rewind controls (connect on the wires) on a digital movie player.

so with this i could send commands on several of them and sync their output.

so its not high voltage. is the relay or transistor solution better?

thank you

I think that in this case it would be better to use optocouplers, they are easier to use than relays, and they will compleatly isolate your movieplayers from the rest of yoyr circuit.

Try to search the forum for optocouplers, ther’s lots of info about using them for switching things.

MikMo and BigMike, thanx for your advices, it was really helpfull!
Thank you