Noob audio direction needed.

Hello, I would like to use the arduino to create a "looper" for audio but I haven't the foggyist thought as to how to even start writing the script! I have done some research allready with relativly limited success, but I have found alot of people sugesting use an external RAM source but I would kinda like to keep it with the arduino because it is what i'm comfortable with. If you could point me in a general direction with the script, I could probably take it the rest of the way. Please help!!

You need to be a bit more specific with your requirement. Do you want the arduino to sample Audio, then play it back after a delay? You won’t get a lot in 2kB of SRAM (8kB if you have a mega).

Sorry about that :) I want it to reccord an audio imput after a button is pushed and then I want it to stop reccording and play the reccording back after I hit the same button. All the while, the sound your playing is being outputted, even when reccording and playing the reccording. Hope this helps :)

What are you planning for a sample rate? CDs sample at around 40000 Hz, but 20000 could be enough for speech, or even less. Still, that's 20 Kb per second for 8-bit sampling. You have 2 Kb, so you could record 1/10th of a second. Hardly enough.

Unless its a proof of concept kind of thing, its not really the uC for it.

outside of the dual channel playing at same time..

the WaveRP library written by fat16lib does this..

similar to his WaveHC library..but this has recording capabilities..

this is supposed to be used in conjuction with the WaveShield though..