(noob) easier program interface

So i’m a massive noob.
I don’t even know if this should go here.(mods please move if your not happy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

I was thinking the other day, would it be possible to have a very more user friendly computer system, not to replace the original script system but to interface with it?
Especially for input-output

My theory being for calibrating my wheel speed sensor (much like rallyduino) i could go with the simple method of moving the sensors out further (increasing the distance), put a control like a potentiometer that would be turned and tell the system (may work but i dont really know how)
but the other way would be to plug it into another interface and simply input it eg wheel diameter is ____13 inch etc. which would be easier for other people using the system

further more you could set it up like excel where =ifX < y then set of alarm or somthing

is it possible?


I'm not entirely sure I know what you're saying, but EEPROM can be used to store parameters (like wheel diameter) that may change occasionally, where you don't want to perform a recompile and upload.