Noob having issues with Serial Monitor

Hi All,

I'm having an issue with my Serial Monitor and I'm not sure what's going on. It seems to be returning skipped and mashed up lines. Below is a screenshot of basic code I wrote to illistrate the issue as well as the values being returned.

Thank you!

Arduino clones from China can nave very unprecise system clock. try Baudrate 300 if it solve the problem.

Is that a simulation instead of real hardware? It looks like there are two copies of the sketch running and one of them sometimes interrupts the other. Are the messages arriving once per second or more often?

I do have an arduino clone from china, how'd you know? Haha. I switched from the web version to the desktop version of the arduino editor and it seems to work fine on the desktop version. So weird.

So I was using the web-based arduino editor when I was having this issue. I switched to the desktop version and now it seems to work just fine. What could the issue be with the web editor? Too bad because I liked using that. It was handy for me to learn on with all the easy access to references and libraries..

Could you have had the sketch running in two windows?

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