noob help digitalWrite problem i think

G'day I'm pretty new to the Arduino so this is probably a really simple problem but i cant seam to figure it out myself .

im getting the error msg "error at this point" its refering to this line digitalWrite (BHI =LOW);

im assuming i will get the same msg appear for all my following digitalWrite lines, if somone could steer me in the right direction that would be awesome.

here is my code i'm trying to control my osmc( open source motor controller)

int AHI = 5; // normal I/O pin
int BHI = 3; // normal I/O pin
int ALI = 6; // must be on a PWM I/O pin
int BLI = 4; // must be on a PWM I/O pin

void setup() {
int motor_speed = 51; // a value between 0 and 255

pinMode (AHI, OUTPUT);
pinMode (BLI, OUTPUT);
pinMode (BHI, OUTPUT);
pinMode (ALI, OUTPUT);

int motorforward()
digitalWrite (AHI = HIGH,60);
digitalWrite (BHI =LOW);
digitalWrite (ALI =LOW);
digitalWrite (BLI = HIGH);

int motorreverse () {
digitalWrite (AHI = LOW);
digitalWrite (BHI = HIGH, 60);
digitalWrite (ALI =HIGH);
digitalWrite (BLI = LOW);
void loop() {

delay (5000);
delay (5000);


And for others:

thanks for the reply, i had a read of that link and a few others and youtube video's but im still lost as to why im getting that error

Not: digitalWrite (BHI =LOW);

Use: digitalWrite (BHI,LOW);

The C/C++ compiler is even stricter then your 8th grade English teacher on even the smallest details.
Oh and arguing with the compiler is even less fruitful then arguing with she-who-must-be-obeyed.


Legend !! , worked a charm thank you