Noob help with model

OK, so I will state I understand how the language works and get a gist of the mechanics of the electronics. Now I am totally new and really don't know HOW to approach this project I'm wanting to do so here goes. I do not know if I'm looking for a code, programmer, both so I come to you to help.

I am building a Gundam model that will have multiple LED's in it. What I am attempting to accomplish if its even feasible is to have it go trough 3 color changes over a set period of time and make it loop that same change until the power is turned off.

First stage looks like this:


After a set time frame it'll change to this:


And Finally certain parts will change to this: |296x500

I really want to use my 1206SMD RGB LED's but will change to whatever is needed to make this work. It will be attached to a diorama and trying to minimize the amount of wiring needed (controller and other items can be hidden underneath the display).

Any and all help would be grateful!

Pretty much one of the simplest of beginner projects. What have you tried so far? Can you light up an LED? Can you change the color on an RGB LED? If not, google search that. It's been covered to death. If that's all the code has to do then just run one color, delay, another color, delay, another color, delay and end loop. Loop will repeat forever and keep running that pattern.

Guess I was too vague. I guess my real question was supposed to be which board should I be using? I looked through most and saw the mega 2560 r3 has the potential to give enough pwms to do what I need it to do but would it be correct?

That depends on how many LEDs you want. A detail you have kept to yourself.

There are chips you can get to drive the leds so you don't need a whole mega just for the pins.

Ahh sorry my bad, there will be 28 (maybe more I don't know yet) total. That's why I'm stupid on which board to use. If I break down my banks (each section of final color change in above picture) I would need a total of 8 banks and to control each section 3 wires a peice (24 pen), hence the mega with 10 and the ability to do up to 14 more (so it says)

Get some WS2812 5mm addressable rgb leds and you can run them all from a single pin. I'd go for an Arduino nano to keep it small

Those would be great if they weren't too big in some of the areas I need to put them in, hence why 1206 is the largest I'm wanting to go. I was thinking using the straight colors and not doing the whole step process, but it's be too boring. Some of the spots are barely large enough to fit the 1206 being 3.2mm at the largest.