Noob: Help wth connecting motor driver and Mega


Im in the process of building my 1st robot with an arduino mega (coming in soon). Would be extremely grateful if someone could guide me, as i am not well versed with electronics and stuff.

My initial plan is build a simple differential drive robot running on two 12V motors.

Two of these motors are coming in from ebay and all i know bout them is that they are 300rpm and 5W. So im guessing power is approx 0.5A (stall??). I have also ordered a Polulu Dual MC33887 Motor Driver Carrier.

My question is, how do i connect the motor driver to the mega? A simple wiring diagram or something similar would be quite helpful!

Regarding power, would it be advisable to power the motors with two regular 9v block batteries in parallel to deliver more amps, or perhaps a single 11.1v li-po battery?

Thanks in advance!

Here is the link to Polulu driver

Thank you!