Noob here. Need help with a sketch

So I have a project using an LM35 temperature sensor and an LCD display. Right now, my code uses the display to display the temperature in both Fahrenheit and celsius on the same screen. I have wired a potentiometer that adjusts the backlight brightness.

The goal is to use the pushbutton as a toggle switch and be able to toggle between the fahrenheit reading on one screen and the celsius reading on another with a single push of the button. Can somebody show my how to do this? I will attach what I have so far. Thank you!!

LCD_final.ino (492 Bytes)

You need to make yourself a variable to keep up with whether you want to print celsius or farenheit. I would think a boolean called something like useCelsius where true meant print in celsius and false in farenheit. You need some code to read the button, something like the "State Change" example should do, only toggle that boolean instead of counting presses. Then you just need an if statement at the point where you print the temperature to decide whether to print celsius or farenheit based on whether useCelsius is true or false.