Noob here!! please help.. Serial communication between two arduino.

Hi!! Thanks for help!
i am working on a project which involves communication between two arduino devices. arduino uno and arduino mega. what i wanted to do is to send data from the arduino uno to arduino mega, at the same time i want to check the values sent from the arduino uno in arduino mega. to check if the values being sent is correct. the arduino uno is connected to a mpu 6050 gyro+accel. the filtered values of y axis is used as input in a fuzzy logic.
the fuzzy logic has two inputs one is the filtered value of y axis and the difference of the previous and present value of the fuzzy logic output.
my problem is the arduino mega is not recieving signal from the arduino uno. would someone please help me find the problem? im using serial 1 as serial port for arduino mega.

this my sender program.

sketch_jan11a.ino (46.5 KB)

fis_header.h (638 Bytes)

this is my receiver program:

float Angle;

void setup() {
// Serial port enable

void loop() {

// if there is bytes available coming from the serial port
if (Serial1.available()) {

// set the values to the ‘incomingByte’ variable
Angle =;

// write the value to the pin 11

  Serial.println("no signal");

You have not enabled Serial1 in your Setup

Have a look at the examples in Serial Input Basics - simple reliable ways to receive data.


You have not enabled Serial1 in your Setup

thanks bro!!! this probably the problem…