Noob Kit

Is there a product to start by 0. I don't have any hardware or programming knowledge. Do you need a basic understanding for one of these products. I am mostly interested in a kit.

Greetings, Kay

There are a number of kits, such as
Lot of bits to play with.
Start with the Learning section of the forum.
Can also try a book, like mine, Arduino For Teens, after you get some experience with the IDE and simple sketches.

Thank you for your reply.

Is there a kit from the Arduino Store itself that fits me?

Is there a kit from the Arduino Store itself that fits me?

Hey, You should check out the Arduino Starter Kit. It has a bunch of projects, and an easy to follow book with step by step instructions. The book is a good start for someone who does not have much programming or electronics experience. It is very easy to follow, it has pictures for help when setting up the electronics, and has step by step programming instructions.

It is here at the store: Arduino Starter Kit Multi-language — Arduino Official Store

When I started I had a ok knowledge of programming and nearly zero knowledge when it came to using the boards and components. I highly recommend it.