[Noob] Micro Pro - Unable to upload anything

I'm a noob using arduino. I bhought one on ebay didn't know there are also clones...and mine is one for sure.
I'm working on Win10. Plug it in after installing the IDE it is recognized as a Serial device USB (COMx).
In the IDE->Tools->Board I selected Arduino Leonardo since under ->Port I found COMx (Arduino Leonardo).
At this point I have a green and a red LED on.
I open the blink samle and click on upload, it gets compiled and the upload starts.
The green LED is still on, but the two red are blinking very fast (not as the samples video on the web), the micro seems to be unplugged (not visible in the device manager anymore) and the upload fails giving the error the board is not recognized.

Now I need to unplug the usb... I can try the operation again, same result.

What am I doing wrong?

Stop selecting Leonardo and start selecting Pro Micro

BOARD (select the correct board)
PORT (select the correct port)

I tried version 1.8.4, 1.6.13, 1.5.6r2, 1.0.5r2. In no one I find Pro Micro to select.

Put a picture of the actual board up or give a direct link to it so we can see what you have.

Ebay link

Try following this guide

...I was able to install the SparkFun boards, but I get the same behavior.

I almost went crazy...i decided to set the IDE language to english and flag Show verbose output during upload. Started upload, when the board loses connection press reset (I soldered one to the pins), the board is recognized again and inside the red output I see: avrdude done. Thank you. ...and is blinking.

The point is I have tried a lot of times, this time nothing different as usual, but the IDE language and the flag...
I'll try with my code.

Glad you seem to be moving ahead.
Leonardo based boards are not my favorite as there can be some finicky issues.
They are the only Arduino I have ever fried (just the one)

Had to reload the one I have a few times to get it up and running again if I have been playing around with it (its just a test board)