Noob need help with making a MPU 6050 with arduino nano Game controller

Hi Guys,

Like the title says. i wanna make a game controller with Arduino nano with ATmega328P chip and the MPU6050.

I’m a Complete noob. I got as far as i calibration. I’ve got it calibrated after a while and some Waiting games and Fifo errors. but finally got some readings from it. but that was only 1 time and then it was back to the waiting game added a screenshot.

So my question is anyone willing to help a Noob like me.

my 1st intention is to make a controller just with MPU6050 and maybe after a while i wanna add some buttons to it as well. got a lot of those 4 pins buttons.

I know there is a project out there for making Head tracking with MPU6050 and nano but can’t find any info about it. also almost none of there project involves a Nano.