Noob needs help with data aquisition along with GPS location logging.

I am a complete Noob to Arduino and coding. Can build the electronics if shown 
the layout of schematic, but do not know how to use or code microcontrollers.
[pre]​I need someone that can either modify the code from the 
existing instructables project in the first link or start from scratch.

This is for personal use and I am willing to pay a reasonable fee for help. 
I would need the complete code and complete list of parts along with how
to assemble the unit and get it ready for use. Or I can pay for all the 
parts and have you put it all together and ready to go.

I need to grab simple analog data from different electronic equipment I have and
log the location data with it. I have some links of ideas that are already
done and could possibly be modified to do what I need. I have two specific
types of needs. Currently, I have to write down the meter reading manually
and the same with the GPS location. This then needs to be input manually again
into Excel. This is a huge waste of time and I do not see why it is so
difficult to gather data from  one sensor or meter and simultaneously
log the GPS coordinates. 

1) I want a module I can put into my gas analyzer that takes the reading
from the digital meter(most likely a voltage or frequency reading) and put
that reading into a CSV or ascii file along with lat and long readings
from an included GPS module.

 Here is what it needs to do: 
Have a GPS module with external antennae ability(Arduino or AdaFruit possible),
data acquisition for simple analog signal capture from a sensor or meter, 
capture and write the location and meter reading to a single file, capture
the reading on a single trigger(button push) event OR on a set time scale
from 1 or more seconds per reading . Capture the reading to a SD card for
transfer to a laptop later for input into Excel. Possible bluetooth or
wifi module to stream the data to the laptop in real time. The data from the
meter and GPS need to be read at the same time and put into one file. It would be 
helpful to have a display that allows me to change the capture parameters, ie. 
single event via a button push, or automatic log via a set time.

2) Have the same capability, but does not need to be as compact as I just
need to get the reading into the laptop with Excel running and gathering
the data from a GPS unit hooked up through a USB or serial port and maybe
able to capture the sensor data from a small usb DAQ( data acquisition

Here are some links: This one seems the easiest to possibly modify. I want to have the ability to take a single reading at a time via a push button or set the data logging via time, ie. once per second. The data could then be transferred on the fly or downloaded into Excel using PLX-DAQ from

This last one would need the GPS module added.

I would think it could be done by Arduino, Raspberry Pi or a combination.

I am willing to pay a reasonable amount for your help.


Hi! How much do you offer?

I have completed several similar projects before. If you are interested - PM me.