Noob needs help!

This may not be the best place to ask this and if not Im sorry. But, I bought an arduino to learn about electronics. I can replicate pretty much anythingI can look at, but the designing curcuits is stumpping me. Its not the math, its the abbreaveations and symbals. Where is the best place to look the definitions up.

there is quite a comprehensive list of diagrams here

Google is a good start.

Here is a good reference.

Personally i would start with a kit like this.

Then you'll have some foundation of electronics. Then you can move up the the arduino. I think a foundation in electronics is a good thing to have before you jump right into things and have to deal with programming on top of it.

If you haven't seen this yet its a great starting point for learning the Arduino platform.

The above mentioned kit gives you a good portion of the components that are used in the guide's examples.

best book on electronics is:-

Takes you all the way through from beginner to expert.

I published an online guide to the basic concepts of voltage, resistance and current at....

.... which may be useful to consolidate aspects of those fundamentals, especially from the point of view of working with the sort of electronics Arduiono users encounter.

Think you all. I have a good idea of what i am doing. Its just calculations that have funky variables and symbols. These help thanks alot