Noob needs helps

Just a quick history....

We have been using a small rc 4wd truck (rc18t) with 2 cameras for inspection in a confined space, but we are limited to 60' due to radio interference(2.4ghz). We were looking for a wheeled vehicle that had extra room and more low end torque. So I contacted the Robot Shop and passed on what we were looking for.

All info, in detail, with even a video was passed onto the Robot shop tech. He recommended the following items; Skeleton Bot – 4WD Hercules Mobile Robotic Platform and Speedstudio Grove mini Joystick. He stated we could just hook into pins a0 & a1 on the board, since the board took analog inputs, apply 5v and be good to go.

Not plug and play as he led us to believe.

He left out that we would have write code to even get this wheeled vehicle to move, so here we are.

Being a non-code person(s), we would appreciate any input and help in coding anyone can provide. This bot will be tethered to the above listed joystick....again, thanks for any help at all!

Not really enough information to know what you actually have and what you want it to do. The below will help you get started on the forum.,148850.0.html

You need to provide links to the datasheets for all of your components and maybe some photos or drawings that give an idea of what you are trying to do.

What are you planning to use in place of the 2.4GHz radio that will give you longer range?
How much range do you need?
What do you mean by a "confined space"?

There are probably 40 more questions ...


There are probably 40 more questions …

Did we upgrade from the usual “20 questions” ? :smiley:

A section of the forum down in Topics called Education and Teaching is filled with discussion and links to get learning. Read there from threads that look interesting about Arduino and C. Learn the basics through variables, arrays and logic and logic structures, the if/else, for/next, do/while kind of things. Learn all of those just to save yourself hours of hard-way coding. And spend time picking up on Arduino hardware tricks like using INPUT_PULLUP mode on button pins to wire switches from pins directly to ground, no extra resistor needed.

All these things get discussed on the forum, just reading can be educating.

Get up to speed on C code first. Variables, Arrays, Loops and Logic Structures, at least that much.

Make sets of bookmarks for tutorial sites and don't miss all the official Arduino site has!

Arduino Reference HomePage

This page is full of links. In the green-blue bar are site-links to all kinds of Arduino information. This page is the beginner to experienced programmer's Arduino C/C++ Reference.
Learn to use the Reference, maybe keep it open in a window while you are tracing through code examples, If you aren't sure about a command then look it up in the Reference and work it out right there. You want to be sure about the code you write in, "maybe" usually doesn't compile well.