Noob problems in a temperature controlled LED orb

Well, I was thinking about my first project (I'm still creating it)..It's an RGB LED in a ping pong ball, controlled by a temperature sensor. And i thinked about adding a DC fan to act like a normal fan, if RGB orb is red (temp is high) then the fan is on, if orb is blue (temp is low) then the fan is off. So i got some problems.
First, how can i connect the fan without any motor-related shields?.. DC Fan:
Second, I will use a 9V battery, so can i put the DC end of the battery holder in the power plug or i have to use the wires and connect it on breadboard?
And thanks.


The fan draws 170mA so you will need a driver transistor. If you are not driving much else, the onboard regulator may be ok to drop the battery voltage to suit the fan. This depends on the board being used.

I do not understand your second question. Are you wanting to connect a barrel plug to the battery snap on fitting and put it into the external power plug on the board? Yes you can.

I can't see all this fitting inside a ping pong ball.


First, the board is Uno R3..The ping pong ball is just for the RGB led..About the second question, must i connect the battery holder on the bread board or i could just use the external power plug in the Uno?
All i need now is a photo of how connecting the fan on the bread board to the arduino.

If the 9V battery is one of those that fit in a smoke detector, you will not get much life out of it.
Especially if you are going to pull 170mA out of it for the fan.

Tom.... :slight_smile:

Here is the link of the one that i will use:
Also recommending for me to use 4xAAA or 3xAA or 9V?