Noob- Project 10 Zoetrope, nothing going

Hi all,

I'm new to Arduino and working through the projects in the book, each one going well.

Currently stuck on the Zoetrope, I've set up the board and wrote the code and nothing happening. I even uploaded the code supplied from Arduino and still nothing. Attached is a picture of my board, if anyone could give a hint, I'd appreciate it.


Hm, I can't seem to find any errors in your code.... [HINT]

From what I can see in your photo the wiring seems correct although I am sure you have triple checked it.

You've got this far so you know which way to connect the switches, but I believe that some people have trouble getting the potentiometer to make a good connection with the breadboard.

If all that checks out - as Erik_Baas says, post your code.