Noob question - what are these called?

See the black connector on the wires? It plugs into the other portion of it. What are those connectors called and any ideas on where to buy them? Im trying to rig up a cabin with these led lights and I dont know where to find these connectors cause I dont know what they are called.

Any help? Thanks!

Try Sparkfun and search for "crimp header"


Crimp connector.

This kit contains all the pre crimped connectors and housing that you will need for a long time. I got one a time ago and it has been very useful and time saving.

As Grumpy_Mike's link says, they are commonly called DuPont (style) connectors. The shells can take male or female crimp connectors, and can connect to each other or standard 2.54mm (1/10") male / female headers.

And moderately cheap on eBay but - you have to check the crimping quality.

Note - eBay cables mostly come with single pin housings, but you can get the housing multiples (notably, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 2x3, 2x4) and with due care, non-destructively remove the single pin housings and fit the multiples. For example, 4-pin for I2C peripherals, 5 pin for SPI, 2x3 for ICSP..

Thanks for the replies guya. Do you think it would be better to use these crimp headers or 1/8 stereo male/female connectors?

Use these crimped headers.

Use these crimped headers.

Did you post some link? If so, I cannot see it.