Noob that needs help

I’m new using the arduino mega development board. I’m trying to interface the board with a finger print scanner that I have. I am using serial ports to read the data that the scanner receives. The biggest thing I am trying to do is store multiple pieces of data that the scanner sends to the arduino and then be able to later compare scans with each other to see if they match up, but I have not been able to figure out how to store data in the flash memory, or any memory location for that matter. I know a good amount of C++ coding. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Noob here as well but have you thought of storing your data on something like a sd card? I believe it will be a better choice for something you plan on storing any real data on.

The entire system has be a stand alone, it will not be connected to a computer anything like that. I want to load the code onto the system and then use it by itself. I do plan on adding an additional memory chip, which is why I went with the mega because the memory chip would also have to be serial input/output.

I was not aware of the ability to use an SD card with arduino, anybody with code that would allow me to store and read data off of the SD would be great. If this information is already posted someplace, sorry for asking about it.

Cant learn if you dont ask, just dont expect people to write your code for you.

Something like this may be what you should use for a project like this.

Edit .. even better i found this post on a diy

That looks like what I need to be looking into. Thanks for the help Tw34kd.

There’s also a USB Host Controller you can control via UART (Serial), it’s a bit spendy, but you can also check the size of the drive/read/write/delete/copy and some others too.

Jon Oxer over at Practical Arduino says he’s got one working and he was able to do all of the above, you can read it on his site (I’m too lazy to find it directly, but scroll through):

I think I’ll be buying one soon to give em a try, would love to figure out how to interface other USB devices with it :smiley: