Noob Wants To Make LED Bike Jacket With Lots of Lights

I saw Leah Buechley's LED Bike Jacket and want to make one myself. However, I'd like to have turn signal arrows made up of rows of LEDs that flash in sequence. Kind of like the flashing lane closure arrows in highway construction zones. Does the Lilypad board have enough connections to have eight flashing arrows (four to a side)? I'd also like to have a row of white LEDs in the front of the jacket.

I was thinking of using 30 AWG stranded wire instead of conductive thread.

To those of you with experience in these matters, is this feasible? I just got an Arduino Uno and a bunch of Arduino books so I am still figuring out how it works. Any and all advice and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve

Yes, the Lillypad has enough I/O pins to turn eight sets of LEDs on and off.

If you want to get fancy and fade lights on and off you can have up to six groups of lights do that.

Hey, I just posted a thread about a heart rate monitoring shirt for cycling, and I would be interested in you r project and how it turns out. please keep me posted on developments. :)