Noob with LED drop detector issues

Hey guys, I'm having trouble with this project that I am doing. I am trying to build an LED drop sensor using an LED detector and emitter that I got from Radio Shack (#276-0142) that will count every drop of solution that is dropped into another solution that I am titrating. I am confused with how to set up the code and the emitter and detector to get this thing working. Any tips would be much appreciated.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Third try at the same question?

Not too sure what sort of diffrent answers you expect so I would suggest you first forget about a drop and just concentrate in trying it to detect an opaque object to start with. I did send you a schematic in that link was that no good? You need to post a link of the emitter and detector you are using and post a schematic of how you are trying to wire them up. Only when you have the hardware working can you begin to think of how to interact with it using software.