Noobie Trying to Make A Short MP3 Player

Greetings everyone

So I'll try to keep this short and simple to save your time. (Also because this is probably really easy and the Arduino forums are known for lynching people that ask obvious questions ;))

I'm trying to make a simple device that will play an around 3-minute audio mp3 file when you push a button. The file doesn't need to change, it'll always be playing the same thing. It doesn't need to be very high quality, I was thinking along the lines of one of those cards that plays music when you open it.

I found this: but I would really prefer to start from near scratch- I'm capable of soldering anything necessary and I don't really need anything that records, just plays the audio file. If you think that IS what I should be using any advice on how to make it work would be welcome.

So... I really have no idea where to start or what to do. I'm a beginners with Arduino for the most part. I tried looking around on the internet briefly, but couldn't find anything useful. Thanks for any help that can be provided!

I'd go with one of these modules Send it a simple serial command and it plays the file. Out of stock at the moment, you could ask to see when they will be back. Or make up your own design using the VS1003B Audio Decoder chip.

Assuming I went with the audio chip, which I probably will, can you provide any recommendations about what else I would need, or possibly recommend a place where I could learn more?
I think this is what I want to use but I’m really not sure how I would proceed. Like, I said, pretty much a complete beginner.

What kind of memory chip do you want to use? If you used a buzzer and the Arduino ATMEGA328 micro controller's program memory for your noise your will have limited noise room but you will be able to reprogram it. If you want to play any song I would recommend the audio chip. I assume you want to record music or noise as well.

You can find Audio chips on ebay as well. I looked up arduino audio and found several.

A fun experiment would be to get a buzzer from radio shack and try writing PWM to the buzzer, using analogWrite(). Also you can digital write and then delay.

Have you programmed in C++ before? Many of the arduino functions are in the learning tab at the top of the screen then reference. You will likely need to use a library to save time. You can look up different arduino libraries here or other places online.