Noobish question

Hello all, so i'm trying to get away from the shields, as handy as they are I've been finding after a year of playing with arduinos i'm still quite stupid -_-. So now onto the question i have A018AN03 v1 x14 sitting in a box from old hp printers. Any pointers in getting started with displays ? the extent of my knowledge is plugging in a shield. I think I've found this Driver that might work ?

You may also find ILI9325 or ILI9341 based TFTs on the usual market places. Just use ILI9325 or ILI9341 as a search term.
You should only buy a display which already integrates the driver chip, this means the ILI9325/ILI9341 and the display should be one unit. TFTs without controller are very difficult (maybe impossible) to handle.


Funny that was almost the same answer, word for word i got on the AVR forum lol. Should have explained myself a little better essentially I’m cleaning out boxes of stuff i don’t need, so I’m trying to determine if the LCD’s are trash or if they are usable with moderate effort. I’m not interested in “redesigning the wheel” i just like to recycle :wink:


From the initial link, i assume, that the display does not include the controller. So it will be more than just "moderate effort".


Awesome, thank you sir :slight_smile: