Noritake DS2045G VFD Display question

I recently acquired a Noritake DS2045G. I have it powered up and interfaced to my Mega 2560. My question is in regard to the library for it. The noritake site indicates the CU-U library is the proper one for it. library link: link to device web page: I have been using the Adafruit VFD library and it does work but is not 100% correct. The display will flash on and off every few seconds and will display odd characters at times.

The Noritake library file is apparently written for AVR Studio and I'm not familiar with that. Is there a way to use the library with the Arduino directly?

The underlying compiler is the same for avr studio and arduino. So porting it should be fairly easy and if the code is well written it should actually compile straight out of the box.

I've been studying both versions but I don't know how to do it. I was hoping someone else had worked with these displays and had a file that worked. The display is nice since it has no PC board on the back. All the circuitry is inside the glass so it fits in various projects much easier.