Noritake GU140x32F-7000 HOWTO

So I purchased a Noritake GU140x32F-7000 display on eBay and was trying to get it to work with my arduino. The way to do this isn't obvious, so I thought I'd share.

The first thing to note is that Noritake has three different datasheets for this display. There is a single-page datasheet that has the pinouts, a multi-page spec sheet, and a pile of application notes. The spec sheet contains the info on how to set the serial speed, the datasheet contains the serial pinouts, and the application notes have useful information too. These aren't all that easy to find, but not too hard once you know what to look for. The application notes are most useful for telling you how to put the display into test mode.

Two of the datasheets can be found on this page:

The second thing to note is that the single page sheet says it supports synchronous serial. This model doesn't. It only supports RS232 async serial. Except the RS232 part is not obvious. What I mean is, it does not work on TTL and if you try you'll get gibberish. You need to pay close attention to what modes are supported on your specific model.

So, do this. Take the TX1 output from the Mega, and input it into a MAX232 driver chip. Take the output from that chip and pipe it into the display. Make sure to use the appropriate capacitors so the charge pump works, and bam. It should work, no problems.

I'll document this somewhere more permanent at some point but thought you'd find this useful, as I had to piece this together from multiple locations and the only other info I found involved a custom inverter circuit with a 12V wall wart...