Not a Arduino question but it might later with other arduino projects.

Hello i have a Microphone that is 3v even. I tried to add a 3.7v lipo on it and it keep turning off. I thought it was a current problem not enough current. But that wasn't the problem. What i found out is that .7v extra is not so good on that microphone. it's a cheap microphone from eBay. It didn't damage the microphone. It has some over voltage protection on it up to 5v. So my question is how can i bring it down from 3.7v to 3v Even? All i have at the moment is resistors a lot of them. and a few ams117 3.3v LDO? So I'm limit on supply. Maybe this can also help others who has modules that are low powered as well.


Try adding a silicon diode in series with the supply.

Hello Larryd the only Diode i have are theses. or close to them.

Actually fully charged Lipo has around 4.2V
It would be much more efficient to connect 2 Lipo in series and power up a microphone using DC-DC buck converter.