not a duino

decided to see if I could build an Arduino like board

to use a pre-installed boot-loader (hey 1 step at a time)
headers on 0.1" pitch
auto-reset so I can upload sketches with minimal hassle

not trying to be shield compatible so pins subtly re-arranged to make construction simpler

I used 0.1" perf-board that has three holes at a time joined together

attached are the Eagle schema, board layout and final result

oh - and it works!

default blinker sketch came up when I powered it on
managed to upload a sketch - and that works too!

relieved - moi!?!? :slight_smile:

MicroDuino3PerfBoard.sch (201 KB)

MicroDuino3PerfBoard.brd (35.9 KB)

worked out how to get avi out of the phone
so with luck and a following wind…

VIDEO0008.avi (783 KB)