Not a God member any more

It seems we’ve been demoted from Gods to Heros =(

Actually is was getting a bit crowded in the God group, every man and his dog has recently be Godified (myself included). It was getting to the point where we would all be Gods which I believe took something away form those who really have a lot of posts.

How about adding another break point say at 2000 (maybe more or less, you’d have to look at the post numbers to arrive at a reasonable figure) for those who have done a lot on the forum?


Not a God member any more

Does that mean they took our lighting bolts away. :(


Afraid so Zeus, no lightning bolts for you!

That ESD is a killer to circuits anyway ...

Or perhaps godhood should only be bestowed if you're massively good or massively evil?

/plays too many Peter Molyneux games


I am sorry for this. It happens to be one of the issues that came out wrong in the migration. Mostly it is because there ate two different ways of classifying users in YaBB and SMF. It goes as follows:


  • YaBB Newbies (0-49 posts)
  • Junior Member (50-99 posts)
  • Full Member (100-249 posts)
  • Senior Member (250-499 posts)
  • God Member(500+ posts)


  • Newbies (0-49 posts)
  • Jr. Member (50-99)
  • Full Member (100-249)
  • Sr. Member (250-499)
  • Hero Member (500+)

The database right now is mixing up both ways of classifying users and I need to decide for one of them. I think I will go for the YABB naming, just to keep people happy, however we need a new category for people over 2000 posts as mentioned, just to honor those that are really committed.

As you will have noticed, we also have implemented Karma now, that will help us seeing who are those preferred by the group because of posting better answers, etc.


Ok guys,

I gave the categories a revamp and I came out with the following:

  • Newbie: 0
  • Jr. Member: 50
  • Full Member: 100
  • Sr. Member: 250
  • God Member: 500
  • Edison Member: 1000
  • Faraday Member: 2500
  • Tesla Member: 6250
  • Shannon Member: 10000
  • Brattain Member: 15000

If there is anyone making it to transistor inventor level I will have to send that person flowers ;)


This is how it looks like at the administration menu

Great new categories. Puts Grumpy Mike in a much deserved class by himself :)

Cool, new levels to reach. I will however miss my lighting bolt. :wink:


Can we add one?

Good God Member 750 Points

yay, another 10 (actually 9 when I post this) and I get a gold star.

I don't think I'll live long enough to get the flowers though.


•Tesla Member: 6250

Yey! Something to aspre too soon :)

What sort of flowers?

just let me know what you are not allergic to


Why is Tesla so low in the order? IMHO Tesla was the biggest hacker of all times. Why are the others rated higher?


And Brattain was just one of a small group working on the transistor. Why is he singled out, he didn't work alone?

In 1947, John Bardeen and Walter Brattain at AT&T's Bell Labs in the United States observed that when electrical contacts were applied to a crystal of germanium, the output power was larger than the input. Solid State Physics Group leader William Shockley saw the potential in this, and over the next few months worked to greatly expand the knowledge of semiconductors. The term transistor was coined by John R. Pierce.[3] According to physicist/historian Robert Arns, legal papers from the Bell Labs patent show that William Shockley and Gerald Pearson had built operational versions from Lilienfeld's patents, yet they never referenced this work in any of their later research papers or historical articles.[4]

I can imagine there will be room for all the others to also show up at some point in our list here. The world of engineering and science is so filled up with names that it is hard to choose one. For example, where is Bell? He discovered that the phone was possible during his experiments using a real human ear ... that should also give him some room in the hall of fame of the tinkerers, don't you think?

The list seems to favour chaps who tinker with the hardware, where's the software peeps? Pascal, Babbage, Lovelace, Turing, etc?

I can't believe how much discussion is going on over some silly forum titles. I'm in no way a sports fan and always find it funny when I over hear 2 people going "OMG!! There is no way player X is the best of all tome! Everyone knows it's Player Y!!!". Never thought I'd see it on a geek forum.

This is not a really long discussion so far. Real discussions (aka flame wars) are about code indentation styles and other similar important stuff ;)