not able to burn boot-loader for 328p in windows10

i am not able to burn bootloader using ide or even avrdudess i ma running windows10


i am really sorry mate and every one who has taken a look

i have got some blank 328p and used in project and wanted to flash uno boot-loader to it and use it as uno
so i plugged the usbasp programmer and used avrdudess and tried to flash optiboot 328p boot-loader the process went fine but the chip doesn’t have boot loader flashed so i tried with ide and used usbasp as programmer and burned boot-loader the processes went fine with message saying boot-loader burned when i tried to program with serial usb programmer i couldn’t so i tried burning blink sketch directly using usbasp the upload went fine and the program worked so i am not able to use usbasp in windows 10 with drivers installed